5 features of the FEIYUE FY-03 car that make it worthwhile

RC cars have been a bliss for all sports lovers who can’t buy a real life jeep of their own. These miniature cars are a wonder of technology. Crafted to please by sight and look as realistic as one would expect them to – these cars are a driver’s delight. These cars have now been around for a long time now and this is why you get one after another superior quality car model to choose from. In this article, however, we are dedicated to talking about the most recent high-end addition to the RC vehicle family – the FEIYUE FY-03 car.

5 features that make this car model unbeatable

With over hundreds of cars models out there to choose from, it only becomes imperative for a certain RC car to stand out amongst the crowd to be noticed and admired. The FY-03 RC car is the perfect automated high-end technology boosted vehicle to drive around. The 5 top notch features associated with this product make it obvious that this car model is a clear winner amongst all competition out there.

  • Solid Design

The first thing that instantly strikes about this high end automated auto-vehicle is its solid design. This car has been designed to impress with its looks. The built is solid and very powerful. The car appears to be gigantic in its size which is definitely impressive because toy cars that are controlled by remote controls do not normally come in such big sizes. Moreover, the outer body of the car comes with a dual chrome finesse as well for added durability and protection. The chrome layer also gives it a very special shine.

  • Battery backup

This car is equipped with a high voltage and mega 15000 mAh lithium-ion dual battery. Such a mega power voltage makes this battery very solid and strong. Moreover, since it comes with such high power this battery also functions like a pro. On a single full charge, this battery will be able to last for up to 8 hours of constant usage. This is definitely a lot higher and better than what is expected from this vehicle in the first place.

  • Metal shock absorber

The outer body of this car not only is dual coated to look attractive but also comes with a metal shock absorber layer. This makes the car immune to accidental damage and sudden motion shocks.

  • Charging protection

The one great feature that this car comes with is an in-built charging protection. This protects the high voltage lithium ion battery by automatically shutting off and stopping charging input/output when the battery is full. This definitely facilitates the user a great deal who no longer needs to worry about turning the plug off within a given time frame.

  • Internal voltage regulator

The best thing and a very prominent feature for this RC automated car are its internal voltage regulator function. This feature helps the vehicle to maintain its internal temperature and prevents it from facing any damage because of overheating.