Atlanta & Augusta GA

Atlanta & Augusta GA

The information entered on this page will not be used to send unsolicited email, and will not be sold to a third party. You should continue to be flexible during this time and communicate with your Match Manager and nurse coordinator all relevant information regarding the egg donor process, including changes to your initial application and personal obligations which may impact the egg donation schedule.

Bennett Fertility Institute offers eggs from donors screened by its staff (fresh egg donation”) as well as eggs that are stored frozen (cryopreserved) at Donor Egg Bank USA (). Egg freezing and storage (oocyte cryopreservation) is a relatively new technique compared with fresh egg donation or embryo storage.Egg donation agency california

The contract addresses the process of egg donation, the time frame for the anticipated cycle, verification as to the accuracy of the personal health information given by the donor, legal responsibilities of both the donor and recipients, and the legal rights of all parties involved with regard to both the donation process and as to any child resulting from the donation.

A physician will perform your egg retrieval procedure at one of Shady Grove Fertility’s ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) in Rockville, MD; Towson, MD; or Chesterbrook, PA. On the day of your egg retrieval, a physician will meet with you to review any questions you might have.

Since the medication you will be taking enhances fertility, you must consistently use a barrier method of contraception or abstinence during your egg donation cycle. They truly understand the commitment involved to help another achieve his or her dream of becoming a family through egg donation. After participating in the egg donor program, you will be financially compensated. The egg donors from our in-house program must pass a vigorous egg donor application process. Then, you’ll receive a $950 referral bonus after she completes her egg donation. Waiting time: for first consultation is waiting time 1-2 weeks, for regular egg donation 1-2 month.