Best mini drones for kids and family

Now the kids are not pampered with small gifts and toys, they need something creative and exciting to spend time. Keeping this thing in mind, in addition to the professional drones, there are many toy drones being made that work with great efficiency and give an excellent result. All needs can be satisfied by purchasing these drones. One of the most common and competent drones is JXD 515V that has gained a lot of success in this field. It has so many amazing features that the purpose is served with great accuracy and all these qualities have made is a huge success among kids.


This is highly important for kids because it is completely safe and it can be the best gift to give kids. It is specially designed for children so that they can enjoy something exciting without any fear. The size is small that is of 13.8 × 13.8 × 5 cm and this makes it a lightweight drone to carry around. It can be a source of great fun not only for children but for the whole family. Many adventures can be performed by its use.


The flight time of this drone is of 5 to 6 minutes and the time it takes for charging is about 90 minutes. Also, the control range which is a major concern for most of the people is of about 50 to 60 meters. An interesting feature of this drone is that it has a built in camera of 0.3 megapixels and live telecast can be seen through it. The battery used in this RC Quadcopters is of 7.4 volts 350 mAh Lipo category. This battery is amazing because it can provide maximum voltage to the drone of this small size. A remote controller of 2.4 GHz also comes along this with a simple and instinctive way of handling. Summing this up gives insight that it is an ideal machine for beginners and children. The safety of children is ensured with the propeller frame that covers it and children cannot have contact with it in any case. The covering is so protective that it cannot harm the drone or any other person if it crashes or become in contact with anything.

Easy controls

The remote control that comes along with this drone is easy to operate. There is a single key on it that can be used for both take off and landing purpose. The 360-degree flips are also made really easy to do with the help of just a single button. The camera present on the drone helps to make a video or take pictures just by one click. The camera also contains a micro SD card in which the photos are saved automatically. Although the image quality is not so high, however, this is the best a person can get in a toy drone of this economic price range. The altitude and control range is also acceptable and makes it the best choice for the children and beginners.