5 Ways wheel chair Will Help You Get More Business

5 Ways wheel chair Will Help You Get More Business

Note: The pricing chart above includes pricing and weight information that is based on the average cost of manual wheelchairs, this is by no means an official pricing chart for any type of chair. Some commercial organisations draw a distinction between powerchairs and scooters when making access provisions due to a lack of clarity in the law as to whether scooters fall under the same equality Wheelchairs from Simplelife Mobility legislation as wheelchairs. Our merchandising team, with years of industry experience, picks the best quality, selection and value of chairs and then makes it easy to find the right chair to meet your needs.

Wheelchairs often feature handles so that another person can push the chair, and some wheelchairs are battery powered so that the user can control them by means of a joystick. In this category you can find wheelchairs that weigh as low as 15 pounds, and with features such as removable armrests, full or desk length armrests, removable or fixed footrests, large or small rear wheels, and many accessories to choose from.

As a family run business, we care about your requirements and pride ourselves on excellent customer service before and after every sale. These wheelchairs are locally designed specifically to conform with WHO guidelines. Transport Wheelchairs — Manufactured by Guardian and Invacare, choose from standard transport (weight capacity: 250 to 300 lbs.), lightweight transport (225 to 300 lbs.), or heavy duty transport (weight capacity: over 300 lbs.).

Nikki and Robby both lead active lives and their wheelchairs need to accommodate that. As well as a wide range of new wheelchairs we also offer a selection of accessories including seat strap, weather protection and much more. All of our ultra light chairs are foldable, which allows you to store it in a vehicle trunk, behind the seat of your car, or in a storage space.

We feature models that have larger rear wheels for self-propulsion, as well as chairs with four small wheels, requiring caregiver assistance. Spinlife features a large selection of rehab shower commode chairs to meet virtually any need. SpinLife provides parts and service for all wheelchairs we sell, and many that we don’t.