Dream your dreams and you will wake up

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Believe. Dream. Embrace. Surprise. Kiss. Take a shot. Smile. Love. Alive.

Limited mind, this is the problem of many people, open your mind, dream, think, imagine, face … The demons of your mind …

You are limited to that? Open your mind, invent, dream, think.

Dream your dreams and you will wake up. Each dreams aspirations and desires.

If nothing has worked for you yesterday, try again today. Look forward, plan, dream. Just do not give up!
Giving up is characteristic of people who have learned to live in failure.

They told me that dreaming is naive. And? Our generation does not want to dream. For that dream that is coming.

Never give up, dream, believe and do!

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Dream with your feet on the ground and seek not yet found … Smile! … Look what’s better now, do not live thinking and hoping things change …

Find someone who dreams with you. Whatever its wings in a flight, even if this is directionless. Someone who lives their follies and who has time to smile with you all of them.

Enjoy freedom at its best, dream big, live full, sweet freedom to come and drive me slightly, come and fill me with your light, and its smooth taste … oh sweet freedom we together on this sunny evening glow and delight life!

Dream very high.
but keep your feet on the ground.
create opportunities, creoles,
do not be afraid to fail.
in life everything goes know
enjoy every moment

Require less.
AME more
Dream least
more VIVA.

Dream, dream forever, dream big, but for you to be the size of your dreams, wake up to run them.

Do not dream to dream, dare to or will be a simple dream!

Dream as a child, the world needs more people with hope in your heart,

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Distrust of fate and believe in yourself, do not dream, do not glides to live for love kisses.

Do not dream with me when I say I love you more think of me whenever I am away from you.

Dream big and always seek the highest places. Better a life of constant struggles and failures until they reach the desired success than a mediocre life of conformism.

Dream to your wishes. Dream of their wills. Dream of intensity. And who knows so tomorrow when awakening, the dream can be reality.

Dreaming does not cost anything so dream like crazy every day and always look for a proper way to realize them.

Dreams are not reality, dream of a woman and it may represent a scorpion, or dream of a bird, and it can represent a man.

Dream, because only in dreams have what reality denies us!

And if reality is hard, dream on.

Think, dream, plan as far as you can. however, with the feet on the ground.

Do not give up your dreams, dream, it’s free, go ahead

First live, then dream. Or failing that, reverse the actions.

Wish you dream, endless dreams ……

Dream your dreams, because dreams dreamed by third parties are third party dreams!
Make your dreams something you can achieve, not something that will continue to dream.

Do not dream the impossible, you cannot do as little as possible.

There are dreams that can no longer be true. We need to sleep that dream again.

The successful future were the dreamers of the past, so we always dream, forget the past, live the present but always thinking about the future.

Love Much and dream more,
because the light of the world is within you.