Few Paintings That Peter Max Believes Makes Paris the Heaven of Art

Paris has always had the tag for being the home of artists, and every time the place has given birth to one, it has also taken the responsibility of nurturing it and giving the best stage. The number of museums and its collection speaks for its volume. And being the global capital for art, there’s nothing to be amazed by the fact that some of the world’s rarest collection and essential pieces of arts are preserved here.

It is true that most of the artists of this era who drives inspiration from these legends come to visit their creations at least for once in their life time. Paris is the Mecca to the artists, and the place rejuvenates the creative artistic vibe in each of the artists who visit the place. Peter Max , who is also an artist of international repute, has gone through this awesome collection, and he still cannot express the feelings in words. However, he never forgets to give a detailed info to all those who ask him about the collections. Here are some of the collections which he never missed out.

  • The Impression, Sunrise by Claudet Monet, a sheer brilliance which was first shown to the public way back in 1874, and history marks this painting as the emblem of the beginning of the Impressionist Movement. It is a simple nature portrait where the fleeting sun rises over the port of Le Havre, his native place where he was born. However, this painting was attached with Impressionism much later when there were some critical reviews about this painting depicting the ideas of what it portrays in the true sense and what it shows apparently.
  • The Starry Night Over the Rhone is another master piece by Van Gogh that was first made 1888. The Rhone River has been of much significance in the hearts of the painters in Paris, and the natural beauty has often been portrayed in their art forms. Also, the Starry Night has been characterized as something that is confined to the mental institution. There’s a version of it that has been preserved in New York at MOMA, but artists believe that it’s much more violent and aggressive than the one which is found in Paris.
  • When you speak of Paris, how can you not speak of the Leonardo da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa? Drawn in between 1503 and 1517, the time gap can easily determine what it took so long to paint. Not perhaps, but indeed the most famous painting in the world, it is nothing but the portrait of the beautiful wife of a wealthy merchant, Francesco del Giocondo. Seen and displayed at the Louvre Museum, it is a constant bright spot in the sky of paintings.

Every time Peter Max speaks of them, there’s a smile and glory in his eyes which cannot be missed. These are something that gives him happiness, inspiration, and motivation to come up with something spectacular.