Golf Specific Training And Its Criticality- Know It From Robert Mims CPA

Specificity is an exact word, and the precision lies in how focused and concentrated on the topic the entire thing is based on. Specificity is sports training is something very similar, and there are certain aspects based on which the whole training program is being planned and carried out. So apparently, one who’s training for squash will get sessions which will be completely different from the one who’s training for marathon or table tennis.

Clarity is a significant part of any training, and most of the athletes who can complete each of these training sessions without much confusion and chaos can achieve their goals much earlier and with enough precision. The same is applied for the golfers as well, but very little is known about golf-specific training. Robert Mims CPA , who has been a golfer for long and also uses his skills and experience in training the students, gives a brief outline of what golf-specific training is, and he believes it is something much beyond exercising the right way of swinging.

The over squat head pattern is a critical part of any golf-specific training, and it must be included, but it has nothing to do with the swing at all. One who has played golf for quite some time knows the importance of hip movement in getting the swing correct, which is again related to the momentum. And to have the right hip movement, the player needs to squat correctly and deep. So when the overhead squat is being included in the training session, the player gets to have the right posture, and also the head position is maintained. Also, the t-spine extension is being corrected with the overhead squat training which allows the golfer to maintain the proper posture and the rotation of the swing.

Robert Mims CPA also mentions how the certain simultaneous coordinated tension of muscle groups allows all the joints in the core and lower portion of the body are moving. The angular movement of one leg enhances the push-off movement of the other. So if there is any disassociation between the lower and upper portion of the body, the entire swing can get affected. There are another two features which make the difference in any golf shot- the speed and the momentum.

There are specific training sessions to achieve this as well- the weighted swings, the cable machine, the dumbbell swings, stability ball swings and a couple of more. All these are conventional methods of increasing the core strength and have proved their worth to the professional golfers.

It is the entire body that is required and involved in one single golf shot. And hence all the muscles in human body need to be trained thoroughly. According to the requirement, each of these training sessions is designed by fitness experts, and hence it must not be ignored at all. Only practice makes a man perfect, and your training is just the beginning of your practice.