Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Proper care and maintenance is the key to achieve a healthy and aesthetically pleasing looking hedge in Ottawa. The type of trimmer to buy depends on several factors, including the size of the hedge, the location of the hedge on the property, personal preference and cost. Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler.

That limits your range, but also creates one more hazard to avoid when trimming. It will also need to be trimmed at regular intervals for the first two years Aesthetic tree hedge trimming services after planting, until the hedge keeps its shape. We can also provide you with information on our recommended trimming intervals to maintain the health and appearance of any hedges you have.

If you’re feeling creative, creating a spiral topiary is a great a way to show off your hedge trimming skills and create a unique, appealing shrub. If the hedge is just inside your neighbours’ garden, they own it; you only have the right to trim any part that encroaches over your boundary line.

Regardless of the height, your hedge will be trimmed as much or as little as you wish. With conifer hedges, make sure you do not trim them after August, as this can encourage bare patches to develop in the hedge. We use nicenstripy all throughout the spring/summer months for grass cutting and hedge trimming, they are always happy to take on extra tasks at short notice.

Fortunately, maintaining these landscaping beauties is relatively easy if you use a hedge trimmer. Formative pruning is when your hedge is still young, and you want to make sure it grows into the correct shape. Your neighbour should ask for your permission for access to trim the hedge on your property.