After hoverboards sparked scores of fires this year, experts are warning that the lithium batteries responsible are found in more and more popular toys. Yes, you should carry spare lithium batteries or lithium batteries contained in equipment – like your cell phone, laptop or tablet – with you in your carry-on baggage. Another theory – not linked with the lithium ion theory – goes on to say that the crew and passengers could have been incapacitated, causing the energy power battery aircraft to go on autopilot and crash into the ocean when fuel ran out.

It’s clear to see that having the right packaging material and technique is crucial when shipping lithium batteries. Hoverboards are powered by lithium ion batteries, like many consumer goods such as laptop computers, power tools and mobile phones. The LiFePO4 industry conversely maintain that deeper charging enables safe use of close to full capacity.

To avoid any undesirable consequences, please alert DHL Express whenever you intend to send any shipments containing Lithium Batteries. Please click here for further details and guidelines on preparing and packaging shipments containing lithium batteries. All we know is that the Malaysian aircraft in question carried a consignment of lithium batteries.

Here, we examine Li-ion battery pros and cons, and discover why most system owners won’t be swapping out their FLA batteries anytime soon. You can trust that your XS Power lithium battery will be shipped according to safety guidelines and arrive in 100% perfect condition.

When the battery is made to contain more material, the separator can undergo stress. Examples include a calculator, laptop computer or watch—with an integrated lithium battery. Warranty replacement will only occur after batteries are returned to base, tested and battery failure deemed to be a genuine claim.