Kai Deng K130 Folding Egg Drone Unboxing, Setup & Flight Test Review

Kai Deng K130 Folding Egg Drone Unboxing, Setup & Flight Test Review

Chinese manufacturers will always imitate, even copying each other, the latest release from Kai Deng demonstrates this rather conveniently. The new K130 Alpha is a miniaturized clone of the premium PowerEgg drone but it certainly does not come close to competing with the PowerEgg specification, reflected by the low cost of it. The K130 is just for fun, a toy-grade copy for fun flying at home and in the office.

So here we are, trying an experiment the truth that a little complicated, as it is to fly a drone in 3D, with glasses and our mobile, I have enjoyed as a dwarf of this Kaideng K130 Alpha which really flies incredible and with a stability Of infarction.

The lovely RC pocket drone, ALPHA has various beginner-friendly features, including Headless Mode, One Key Return / Takeoff / Landing, Auto Hover etc. While its design isn’t entirely new — here’s the PowerEgg drone — the Kai Deng K130 ALPHA is many times smaller than the PowerEgg and also much cheaper.

The Kai Deng K130 ALPHA is indeed a budget friendly pocket drone with very basic features, such as WiFi FPV with the built-in 0.3MP camera transmitting live video to your smartphone, it can also record them or snap photos if you so desire. KaiDeng Alpha K130 With CF mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.

Among my favorite features of the Alpha Egg Drone RC Quadcopter is the auto takeoff and auto land functions. The Kai Deng K130 Alpha, a drone shaped as an egg which folds into a drone with altitude hold. The K130 has altitude hold, which will help keep the little egg stable in the air during flight.