Lightning Supercharger Swap In An

Lightning Supercharger Swap In An ’04 Expy Write

I am getting ready to install my Revan Racing/CR/Shelby heat exchange on my Salween supercharged Stang. Dakota Digital makes a VHX series dash for the 1969 Ford F100, and with their CAN bus and OBDII Interface module, it actually plugs into the OBDII port from the Lightning to receive engine data from the ford EEC-V ECM. What this does is put more heat into the HE. If the HE is not large enough to shed 3X worth of heat the HE begins to heat soak.

Why does this matter with regard to vacuum, well ford lightning heat exchanger ‚Ķwithout the by-pass solenoid or barometric sensor, the stock Lightning vacuum harness could be trimmed down. The advantage of the larger reservoir is that it holds fives times the fluid capacity of the stock heat-exchanger reservoir. Marine intercoolers take the form of a tubular heat exchanger with the air passing through a series of tubes and cooling water circulating around the tubes within the unit’s casing. First, the stock mechanical fan is rather large and heavy, and it is driven by the engine. I kept using the Ford blend as I saw STLWagon was using it and his car was making alot more power. The Lightning frame can be seen sticking out in this initial test-fitting photo from the beginning of the project.

Once they set the ’69 bed on the Lightning chassis, it became obvious that some modifications would be needed to have it fitted properly. Johnny sent us a street version, which adds a secondary reservoir for your windshield washer fluid, offered for an additional $50. These applications range from high output fans, all-aluminum radiators, water-to-oil heat exchangers and aluminum oil coolers to rear end and transmission coolers.

With the Lightning there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to drivetrain efficiency. Some pics of the Gords lightning HE. There is no drain pictured but one can be added. The rest of the installation is quite easy as the pump comes with the proper weatherpack connectors needed for the wiring.. With the larger pump and larger dual fan heat exchanger your cooling system is complete! When the wheelbase seemed to be in the right place, they tack welded the brackets back on the frame to evaluate. Although that may be enough for a stock GT500 we believe that it’s not going to be enough to provide adequate cooling in higher hp applications. On the exhaust side, the lightning was equipped with Dynatech LongTubes and a JDM Silver Bullet Catback. The first two links are to the lightning pump that is identicle to the GT500 except the bracket.