Make your money count: Chose the right veteran charity with Meredith Iler

Meredith Iler is the founder member as well as the chairman emeritus of the Wounded Hero home Program which has awarded 103 homes over 22 U.S states over the past decade. The program aims to support more and more wounded soldiers and their family in their struggles of recovery & independence.

Selecting charitable organizations to support the American Heroes

The brave confrontation by the veterans and police on occasions like the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts or terrorist attacks of 9/11, 2001 have leaves the American citizens with a sense of humility and gratitude. According to Meredith Iler, there are various ways in which they express it for the wounded military, veterans and their families. Many show their gratitude in kind with a hoard of shield decals on cars, American flags, and yellow ribbons. But, there is also a percentage that shows their support by donating money to a charitable organization for those who risked their lives to save them. They specifically donate to charities that promise to reach it to military veterans, police and their respective families.

However, the behind story of most charitable organizations is different than it appears to be. These charities do not really spend the fund well. A very recent investigation has revealed that certain charities use professional solicitors to keep almost 90% of the fund that they raise for the family of the returned veterans. Most of the charitable organizations tend to spend a bit too much on the complex marketing campaigns to gather the funds which make them fall short of doing what they are actually meant to do; help the struggling veterans with that money to tend their housing, education, health care and other financial issues.

How much Charities spend on Fundraising

Out of the total 22 veteran charities that the Charity Navigator evaluates, 3 charitable organization spend a lot more than 50% on fundraising, one-third spend 20% on fundraising leaving 2 charities that spend around 95 percent of the donations that you give on fundraising.

It is actually unfortunate that these charities use the goodwill of American Heroes for raising donations which they ultimately spend on administration or for fundraising purposes. By doing so, these charities are not just cheating the donors but also the beneficiaries. The veterans become more hurt as they do not receive the timely support that they need. Moreover, Meredith Iler believes that the donors who have previously donated to these inefficient and poorly run charities, tend to become severely hesitant to further donate to any such charities irrespective of whether they are well-run or not.

Here are a few useful tips to choose a well-run veteran charity:

It is best not to put faith in charities that are based out of your state, promising to reach your money to the veterans in your state. Give donations locally by contacting the local military units. You can ask them how they prefer donations and from where.

The ones that have costly fundraising spend a lot on for profit telemarketing organizations.

Go through the finances as well as tax documents of the charity before choosing them.