Tagzhazout: A Paradise for Surfers & Something Else

Tagzhazout: A Paradise for Surfers & Something Else

I always say there are places for people, and there are places that seem to be paradises for people. If you ask me, I will tell you that paradise for me is a cold place, with many shops and interesting places to visit. I like places with castles and history, I fall in love with places full of secrets. So, I know Morocco has many cities like that, and that is why I truly love Morocco. But, on the other hand, if you tell me what is paradise for me, I will say that beaches are not, because I do not like going to the beach, and here is when I say that paradise is different for people.

If you love beaches or lakes, there is a special place for you in Morocco- that you surely will call paradise- and it is called Tagzhazout. This simple fishing village with beautiful beaches and boats, could be the perfect definition of what you called paradise. There are many reasons why this city is famous and I am not talking about “simple popularity” I am talking about “worldwide popularity”. This city is famous for surfing and they really care about this sport a lot. Many people travel all around the world to come here and surf. If you are a beginner, there are places for you to practice. Basically, it seems like this city was created for being a surfing place and it get tourists together in the same place.

If you do the Morocco Trips and you enjoy surfing, this will be your first destination for sure. Also, there is another curious and important activity in this city and it is called: yoga. You may find weird this as it does not seem to fit Arabic’s culture, but it is a famous activity here. We do not know if it is famous because of a previous activity before surfing it surely help to straight muscles- or if it is famous because of the lifestyle here it seems like people living in this city do not worry a lot and are really calm- but what we do know is that people love doing yoga and you can join them.

I know that your favorite part of the Morocco Tours is tasting Moroccan food, and this is amazing. I love eating this food which is the combination of many food styles around the world, and if we think about an imaginary situation here like you eating a delicious Moroccan dishes while looking at the waves and breathing that marine air; this is an experience that you definitely need to live. So, you can go the variety of restaurants that this city offers and enjoy the seafood.

If you suddenly got tired of the beach, the first thing that will come to your mind is: I need to leave this place. Maybe you need to do it taking into account that if you do not surf, you will not have fun here- but before you leave, I recommend you to add an extra place to your Morocco Tours which is the Paradise Valley. In this place, you will see a different scenario, with waterfalls, big rocks and beautiful landscapes; it is still a good choice if you want to take a break from the beach for a while.

I hope you get excited and you decide to travel to this small but charming village. The Morocco Trips will not be the same if you do not include this place in your itinerary. So, I hope you have fun here.

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