The Bargain (Regency #1) By Mary Jo Putney — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

The Bargain (Regency #1) By Mary Jo Putney — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

The Royals and Ian Kennedy inked a contract yesterday, with the team giving Kennedy $70 million over five seasons to come and pitch in Kansas City. Ian Kennedy now represents the second-richest player in Royals franchise history. Yet despite this low-tech approach, the Bargain Buyer could also point to the future – a time, some media observers believe – when the most successful news sources will either be extremely large and far-reaching, or small and very local.

I was as interested in Sally and Ian and Marie and Hugh and even Aunt Laura and the estimable Kirkpatrick. I am going to use Jonathan Bales’ Bales’ Model” as my starting point, and will use the point allocations below to create a heavily weighted Bargain Rating Model (remember, all points must add up to 100).

If Rollins becomes the fifth, the White Sox might have picked up a nice little bargain. The Ian Kennedy deal was largely panned, and perhaps for good reason as there is no guarantee he will be good for the complete five seasons of the deal. However, this is also the same Ian Kennedy that finished fourth in the National League Cy Young voting in 2011.

I have read The Bargain before and my feeling toward the book has remained the same. First Ian does a bit of showing off…he is really good at keeping the paranda beat on the big drum and then Ray does his thing. If you decided to play Romo on DraftKings, you would be getting a bargain at quarterback, as his 86% Bargain Rating indicates that he is in the 86th percentile of good bargains for DraftKings.

The secondary love story of Sally Lancaster and Ian Kinlock outshines the main love story, and I would have loved to see a full book about them. But a funny thing happened over the first year of the deal, at least – it is all kind of working. This weekend Antiques Roadshow, which you could argue is an antique itself, returns for yet another series – this time with the royal stamp of approval.