The Best Prepaid Debit Cards

The Best Prepaid Debit Cards

The Free-quent Flyer blog, where you find all the tips and tricks you need to see the world like I do, for next to nothing! The Mango Card has no activation fees, no sign-up fee, no card shipping and handling fees, no card-to-card online transfer fee, no bank transfer load fee, and no mortgage broker direct deposit fee, but there is a $3 monthly subscription fee and a $2 ATM withdrawal fee.

With the Mango On The Go mobile application, anyone can register and request a Mango card directly form their phone, and users have access to their Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card balance, transaction history, virtual card for safe online shopping, mobile transfers functionality, options for reload of the account, transaction alerts, and more.

Going on from the comment about taking 0% cash advances and putting them in a 1% account, why not combine a 0% cash advance, stick it in this account, do the rest of the deal – 1 ACH and transfer $500.00 around, and at the end you pay back the original credit card and have the 6%. At least that was my thought when I saw that line.

Yes, if your initial deposit is a transfer of some type (ACH, P2P, DD, etc.) you sign up / request the card first, are given an account number, and then deposit your funds later at your convenience, so essentially you are getting an empty card at first and the account immediately shows a negative $5 balance.

This year I never received a 1099, so I was wondering if Mango simply did not issue one, or if I needed to request it. I called Mango Money customer service at 855-687-2036 and the agent confirmed that a 1099 was available, but I needed to request it. He said that I could receive it either by email or direct mail.