Why Approach a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney for Valuation of Assets

When you file for a divorce, you have to deal with several unexpected legal problems.   Divorce is quite a complex process and can have many financial and personal implications, especially when you have accumulated significant assets as a couple.   It means that there can be a disagreement when it comes to distributing those assets.   That is when a high net worth divorce attorney can help you move in the right direction.

A highly qualified attorney can offer comprehensive and personalized divorce services to high net worth clients as well as their families.   These attorneys can help a lot when it comes to valuation of assets and businesses in such divorce cases.   The court will not be able to divide marital property until there is clear information available about the total worth o the assets.   An attorney can help you secure accurate valuations.   While doing it, they will also protect your rights.   They work by your side and ensure that your rights stay protected during settlement negotiations and at trial.

When you choose to work with a qualified and experienced high net worth divorce attorney, you do not need to worry about going through a tedious process of valuing different types of assets.   Depending on the experience of an attorney, they can help valuate assets, such as stocks, stock options, real estate, businesses, art and antiques, and retirement accounts, including pensions and 401(k).

It is worth mentioning that an experienced attorney does not just focus on finding the right value of your business as per its current value on the market, but they also consider the goodwill that business has built-up through all those years.   This becomes possible because experienced attorneys work with a network of experts in different fields, such as certified public accountants, forensic accountants, appraisers, tax attorneys, and more.

Since they have their connections with experts, they can also help clients with a high net worth.   For instance, they can help you with equitable division of property, parenting plans, spousal support, and child support.   In other words, they will provide you with all resources necessary to make informed decisions about your property and assets.   However, you need to understand that a good high net worth divorce attorney should help you through every phase of your divorce case and offer quality legal advice whenever you need it, but they should also leave the final decisions in your hands.

The fact of the matter is that a high net worth divorce attorney can help make things a bit less stressful when you are a high net worth client.   Just take your time and always opt for a highly qualified and experienced attorney because they can help you with property valuation and offer other important services as well.   Ensure that you work with a board-certified family law attorney who is always willing to offer straightforward and knowledgeable legal advice.